The City and Borough of Wrangell, Alaska (population approximately 2,300), is located on the northern tip of Wrangell Island - one of the many islands along the stunning inside passage, also known simply as "Southeast".   Though we are almost equidistant between Seattle and Anchorage, the bulk of our commerce is done with Seattle due to the ease of getting goods via weekly barge.  Wrangell has two grocery stores, two hardware stores, an incredible museum, and a lovely, resourceful library. There are numerous outdoor recreation opportunities on the island and off!

Wrangell is a small, working town.  Large scale, commercial logging was the main economic driver in Wrangell for 40 years ending in the late '90s.  It has since given way to commercial and sport fishing, as well as a multifaceted  health and community services organization.  Tourism is also a significant contributor during the summer months, though we do not have the massive cruise ship visitation like other Southeast communities - just the way we like it. 



As an island community, Wrangell is reached by either air or ferry.   We are very fortunate to have daily commercial jet service provided by Alaska Airlines, as well as regularly scheduled ferry stops by the Alaska Marine Highway system.  The ferry for Southeast begins in Bellingham, Washington, and ends well north of Wrangell in Skagway.  Chris is happy to pick you up at the airport or ferry terminal and get you settled into the float house when you arrive, as well as drop you off when you are departing.

To plan your visit, please visit the following sites:

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Marine Highway

Wrangell Chamber of Commerce