Dockside Wrangell is moored five minutes drive around the bay from downtown.   It is located on a working fishing dock so you may well encounter a local fisherman preparing to set off seeking salmon or halibut.

The house is cedar-sided with full kitchen, bathroom, queen bed loft and radiant in-floor heat.  The loft bedroom is accessed via ladder.  The house sits on a very well moored float.  Though the actual footprint of the house is small, the space is well organized and feels larger due to it's open ceiling and large windows.  The grey water from the four drains is released directly into the ocean, so all soaps, shampoo, and conditioner are biodegradable  (you are welcome to use your own or those provided).  Black water from the toilet is removed via vacuum pump and stored in a holding tank prior to disposal.

I value people's privacy and do not provide any sort of daily "room service".  Environmentally appropriate cleaning supplies and accessories are provided for touch ups or spills.  I believe a clean space makes a comfortable space.

Float house living is wonderfully unique.  It puts you more in touch with your natural surroundings by default!  When you hear a boat go by, you may also feel it go by as the small wake gently moves the house.   As you walk up the steep ramp and smell the ocean at low tide you are automatically aware of the tidal height.  Wildlife and water fowl are commonly seen in the nearby vicinity.  You will see bald eagles and various ducks, and are likely to see blue heron, river otter, mink, seal and sea lion. 

Dockside Wrangell is a pleasant and private place to spend some time alone or with a significant other. 

Eagle wing tip print on Stikine River sandbar.